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One Year Young-The Bruery Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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Plascentia, CAThe Bruery, a family owned and operated business, celebrated it s one-year anniversary on May 16. To commemorate their success thus far, The Bruery put on a special event for their customers and loyal fans.

The brewery began with the first home brew batch brewed by Patrick Rue, his brother Chris, and his wife Rachel. Patrick Rue, now the CEO of The Brewery, started his home brewing while he was still a law student.

Patrick says his love for brewing grew throughout the years. “As the years went by, his passion for brewing came to a point where the only thing he wanted to do with the rest of his life [was] make beer.” Self-described as a “rather meager” beginning, their beer can now be found in several states, including Oregon, Colorado and Massachusetts.

“One of the big challenges that The Bruery has had to go up against in its inaugural year was making unusual beers in a region where craft beer enthusiasts are few and far between,” Patrick said. “Orange County and L.A. only have a few craft breweries and most people not only need to be introduced to our beers, but they need to be introduced to the very concept of true craft beer.”

Their unique brews have helped them to do just that. They have three year-round beers crafted by head brewer Tyler King, the Orchard White, Black Orchard and Saison Rue, all of which are unfiltered and bottle conditioned. They also produce seasonal selections such as the Autumn Maple with a 10% ABV and the Belgian-style Partridge in a Pear Tree ale, which weighs in at 12%.

TheBrueryMore than 400 people showed up Saturday afternoon to help them celebrate. For $25, beer enthusiasts received dinner including dessert, and a choice of eight out of sixteen beers that they could choose from. Some of the items on the menu included pork and chicken BBQ sliders, smoked wings, fried pickles and chocolate covered bacon. People either sat at one of the half-dozen tables setup adjacent to the brewery or stood drinking inside, surrounded by two bars, wooden barrels for aging and several chrome tanks. Even though this region of southern California isn’t yet widely known for its craft beer, if The Bruery and its customers are any indication, this will soon change.

Patrick said that he hopes to focus on more distribution channels to build up the business. “The overall goal of The Bruery for the next year is to continue growing while remaining true to our core,” Patrick said. “In our first year we managed to grow into eight states and by the end of our second year I would love to see us in twice that, somewhere between 15 and 20 states.”

He also said he would like to brew different beers. “We’d [The Bruery] also like to continue to release a greater variety of beers, especially different sour ales and barrel aged beers. Most importantly, however, I hope to continue having fun with everything that we are doing here and simply making beer that people enjoy,”Patrick said.