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Obessed- Rating: C-

Submitted by on May 3, 2009 – 9:53 AMNo Comment
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Glenn Close’s demented performance in the 1987 sexual thriller Fatal Attraction made every married man place a mussel on their big boy. Revisiting the whole husband who “cheats” on his wife with the hot assistant angle is revisited with Obsessed. So what’s to be expected of this film? Simple—guileless twists, exaggerated performances from subpar actors and a non-stimulating sex drive.

Derek Charles (Idris Elba) lives a good life. He has his beautiful wife Sharon (Beyonce Knowles), a brand new baby boy named Kyle and he’s just been promoted at his illustrious job. Adapting to his new position means hiring an assistant, and Derek’s luck continues to strike—new temp Lisa (Ali Larter) has requested to work for the big guy. Lisa carries an intimidating, yet innocuous presence that strikes Derek’s attention. He has the sweet life both at work and at home.

Their work relationship starts to flourish and so does the sexual tension between the two, but Derek’s diligence prevents him from engaging in Lisa’s sexual fantasies. Derek’s rejection only strengthens Lisa’s obsession for him and her psychotic ways soon get the best of the Charles Family. After an alleged suicide attempt by his hot assistant, Derek is considered the prominent suspect and his relationship with Sharon hits the rocks. Sharon decides to take a three-month separation from her husband and Lisa decides to continue playing mental games with the family, executing a number of disturbing events that send Sharon into a raging fit. As the movie’s tagline states, “All’s Fair When Love Is War.”

Though for audiences, none is fair when paying to see this film. Just looking at the commercials you could sense Beyonce overacting her scenes, and that’s exactly what’s present throughout the entire film. Jerry O’Connell’s supporting role as Derek’s office buddy, Ben, is just awkwardly weird to say the least. Miscasting—there’s no hiding this shame. Elba and Larter hold up their end of the acting, but the film’s lack of motives and unpolished script make for tasteless entertainment.

Obsessed is a film that excessively tries to standout from its predecessors. It’s basically Fatal Attraction meets The Temp, except less intuitive. Oh yea, note to filmmakers and producers—slapping an erotic thriller with a PG-13 rating doesn’t leave much arousal for moviegoers. You’ll find more action from a Maxim magazine than this film.