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Method Man and Redman’s Blackout ! 2 – Rating: B

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Rap duos are a rare commodity in Hip-Hop. For years Method Man and Redman have teased us with their incredible joint efforts on records like “How High”, “4,3,2,1” and “Do What Ya Feel,” leaving us with high hopes of a possible collaboration album in the near future. Then 1999 came, and we received Blackout! — A classic in its own right that many Hip-Hop fans would attest to. After numerous unsuccessful solo stints and Hollywood ventures, America’s Most Blunted return to light up and pour the ashes out on they’re “sell out” image, tearing the roof off again with Blackout! 2.

redman-methodman-blackout2-officialThe elephantine bass of Erick Sermon’s “Dangerous MCees” resurrects the dead, as Meth and Red rise from their grave with a vigilant mind frame. Sermon served as the primary producer on the first album and this contribution is a testament of how incredibly in sync his production style is with this rap tandem. “Father’s Day” has both rappers cradling the microphone as if it were they’re youngest seed, while “Diz Iz 4 All My Smokers” is rider music for marijuana lovers.

“Hey Zulu” is a sleeper club banger with a gutter unison that screams New York Hip-Hop. The looped vocals and bombastic sound will leave grinders with their feet imprinted on the dance floor. The ruggedly charming “Mrs. International” is fashioned to please any woman. Its melodic resonance is entrancing to the earlobes—now when would you ever think you would hear that about a Method Man and Redman record? It’s an unanticipated experiment that supersedes our expectations.

Collaborations are in full effect and some of the rap game’s finest MC’s step into the cipher, propelling the album to a higher level. Wu-Tang brethrens Raekwon the Chef and Ghostface Killah show some love on “Lockdown” as they help demonstrate that vintage Shaolin/Brick City mass appeal. Linking up with the underground kings, UGK, “City Lights” is a mixtape record prone to spark a flame on the radio circuit, if given any airplay. The chemistry of southern hospitality and New York swagger is a unique concoction that produces results.

Brooklyn LagerThe herbal zest that Blackout! 2 musters is pure ecstasy, with minor side effects (“Errbody Scream” and “A Lil’ Bit”). It’s Method Man and Redman’s second coming out party. A superb follow-up to one of Hip-Hop’s greatest collaboration albums, these rap veterans show-n-prove they are just as nasty on the microphone as they were during their prime.

Beer Pairing: Try Brooklyn Lager – An amazing follow-up album plus an extremely well balanced beer. It’s the perfect combination.

Written by Alejandro Bracetti