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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Rating: B-

Submitted by on April 13, 2009 – 7:38 AM2 Comments
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x-men-origins-wolverine-posterBesides the Spider-Man franchise, the X-Men series has been considered the strongest entry among Marvel devotees. After three strong film adaptations and numerous standout performances by the multi-talented Hugh Jackman, it seemed logical for 20th Century Fox to expand on the X-Men universe. Starting the summer blockbuster season off on a high note, audiences can expect more of the same in the back story that is X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

We start with a brief introduction of James “Wolverine” Logan (Jackman): a mutant with the special ability to heal his wounds and unleash blades from his fists. Vengefully murdering a spectator as a child, Logan decides to go into exile with close friend Victor Creed (Live Schreiber), who coincidentally carriers a similar mutation. Decades later both mutants are captured and recruited by General William Stryker (Danny Huston), who runs a militant ops unit constructed of several other mutants. After several missions Logan starts to question his team’s intentions and makes the decision to hang up his claws and move forward with his life.

The rabid avenger becomes a woodsman and discovers how to channel his aggression with the assistance of his love interest Silver (Lynn Colllins). After several members of his alliance are murdered, Stryker requests Logan’s assistance in finding the unknown assassin, only to have it rejected in the end. Creed is revealed as the hit-man and pinpoints Logan’s whereabouts, where he pays a visit to his longtime partner’s girlfriend. Logan senses danger and soon finds his lover murdered.

Logan’s rage-o-meter explodes and the Canadian takes Stryker up on his offer to participate in the Weapon X Project. During the experiment, Logan is injected with the indestructible steel known as adamantium, making him the most dangerous mutant on the planet. Overhearing Stryker’s initial purpose for the top-secret project, Logan breaks free from the military fortress and becomes a fugitive on the run. He soon reconnects with the remaining members of his alliance to chase after an unknown mutant who is credited for being the only person to escape Striker’s secretly hidden complex.

Marvel’s patented badass has always stood apart from his peers and his solo adventure continues the trend. The film does a great job of balancing story and action. Jackman continues to own the role of the intemperate Wolverine and Schreiber is perfectly cast as the ruthless Victor “Sabretooth” Creed. Origin’s few setbacks come from the arid mutant roles of his alliance and the multiple plot holes that appear in the script. Luckily these discrepancies are bypassed once you reach the conclusion.

Wolverine provides an impressive array of high-octane action sequences and surprises that will leave Marvel fans satisfied. Whether a sequel is in the works, that’s an answer fans will have to experience for themselves.

Written by Alejandro Bracetti