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W. – Rating: C+

Submitted by on April 1, 2009 – 8:09 AMNo Comment
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W. is an interesting look into the life and background of our most recent former president, George W. Bush. The movie bounces back and forth between the early days of the future president and the modern times of the man’s sometimes controversial presidency. Eventually the past catches up with the future in the movie which could be an underlying theme or just a result of the editing process.

Politics can skew peoples’ perspective on things; watch this movie feeling extremely pro or anti George Bush and you will probably turn it off out of disgust. Keep your open minded hat on and you can enjoy a fairly interesting look into the life and motivation of one of the most embattled presidents in history.

People were usually pretty split on the second Bush; they either loved or hated him. Assuming that what the movie presents is close to true than it would appear as if the 43rd President of the United States did it all just to feel like Daddy loved him.

W is portrayed as a man constantly looking for attention from his father. From his alcohol fueled days at Yale through the many different jobs he has had there appeared to be one common theme- he either needed Daddy’s to get out of trouble or was trying to prove his worth working for the man.

W. is an interesting look at the most recent former president and sitting president for many important moments in U.S. history. If you are a student of political science or just think history is neat then it is worth watching as a rental.

Like all of Oliver Stones’s movies, it has two very distinctive features. They all were based on compelling, in depth story lines requiring incredible talent in order to be successful. Only a director as talented as Oliver Stone could pool all of them off with the success that they had (Wall Street, Born on the Fourth of July, The Doors, JFK, Any Given Sunday). The same inherent problem is also present in each one; that problem- Oliver Stone. Great directors are willing to take on the difficult, controversial products, and there is no arguing that Oliver Stone is a great director. Just like other great directors, his ego often gets in the way.

When you watch an Oliver Stone movie you know you were watching an Oliver Stone movie because of some of the different things he will inevitably do. They rarely add to the movie, but just put his unique stamp on it.

Josh Brolin does an excellent job playing the former president. Not only did they manage to make him look a lot like the real man, but his portrayal of the man’s personality was incredibly realistic and poignant. It would seem like the rest of the cast was chosen for their resemblance to the actual characters. There was not a decent acting job done by any of them throughout the movie with the exception of Daddy W.

They made many of the nation’s power players like, Rice and Powell, look like idiots. It is long and definitely feels long. If you cannot remain objective despite what your personal beliefs are then do not bother watching it.

Beer: PBR or Shiner Bach; both are true Texas beers, easy to consume which after a few you too can pretend you are a future president!

Reviewed by Travis Pulver