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The Haunting in Connecticut – Rating: A

Submitted by on April 1, 2009 – 8:05 AMNo Comment
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Making a good scary movie is not an easy task. Finding something besides insurance reps in Connecticut is a bit of a challenge too.

After watching The Haunting in Connecticut I can honestly say that there is such a thing as an original spooky horror flick and that the insurance guys can keep that state- with houses like this one I sure don’t want to live there!

The Haunting in Connecticut does a tremendous job of drawing you in and making you care about the family. It opens with the Mom driving her son back from a special clinic where he gets treated for cancer.

After a short discussion we see that the family has been hit by tough times recently: Dad is trying to get the family business going, Mom and Dad are trying to repair their strained relationship, not to mention the long drives that Mom makes to take their cancer stricken son for treatment.

The treatment is a must have so everyone but Dad moves to a house in Connecticut to be closer to the clinic. What Mom did not tell anyone is that the house was a steal because it happens to have a bit of a history behind it- it use to be a funeral home.

What Mom did not know however is that the house was a bit more than just a funeral home, but use to be where people would try to speak to the dead through a medium. What no one else knew was that the caretaker was trying to enhance the ability of his medium through necromancy- using the spirits of the dead.

The last séance ended with the caretaker and the four visitors dead, burned to a crisp and the medium missing in action.

Ever since the inhabitants of the house reported strange things happening which would easily explain why it was often empty and cheap to rent.

There were many things which I absolutely loved about this movie. Too often with horror flicks they take forever to get to the truly scary stuff. They dance around the frightening without every actually being scary. Not so with Haunting. Also, too many horror films will use bits and pieces of scariness, flashes of the horror, throughout the film only showing you enough to understand what they mean at the end.

Again, not exactly so with Haunting. While they do not exactly show enough early on for you to know what the story is about, they do show you enough to be scared and just a little bit freaked out.

To make this movie just a little bit freakier- it is true. There really was someone messed up enough to do the creepy things that were done in this movie. Whether or not you believe in hocus pocus is irrelevant- this is one spooky *ss movie!

Appropriate Beer: Guinness; you will get caught up in this movie and forget you have a beer in hand.  The great thing about Guinness is that is supposed to be served at room temperature.