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Five Stellar Springtime Beers

Submitted by on April 23, 2009 – 7:54 AMOne Comment
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1.   Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale—Boston Beer Company, Boston US. This classic-style Irish red has a nice medium body and a smooth, mildly sweet finish. The taste is of caramel and toffee, and this beer shows substantial malt muscle. Traditional UK-variety hops (Goldings) provide just enough earthy bitterness to keep it from being oversweet. This beer is absolutely fantastic on grilled chicken. 5.5% ABV

2.   Blue Point Spring Fling—Blue Point Brewing Co., Long Island US. Not exactly a pale ale, but more assertive than your regular amber. This seasonal release is super-fresh right now if you can find some. The beer is pretty balanced, with some fruity notes in the malt and a really pleasant flowery hop taste to it. A highly drinkable beer that will be your best friend even after three or more, despite its 6.0% ABV.

3.    Sierra Nevada Early Spring Beer—Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., California, US.  Based on the British style of ESB (“Extra-Special Bitter”) this American twist is a great innovation. Hop-forward, somewhat bitter taste and deep copper color, this beer combines citric American hop varieties with traditional Marris Otter malt for a smooth, medium-bodied beer. This is THE brew to match up with pizza or grilled sausage (greasy or fatty foods). 5.9% ABV and with a lovely scenic view of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

4.    Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale—Kiuchi Brewery, Japan. The lightest beer on this list, this one is all over the map. Flavorful, zesty, with a strong coriander presence, yet very light on the hops and with the satisfaction of a good wheat beer. This is the beer Blue Moon hopes to be when it grows up one day. The complexity will keep you guessing, the low alcohol will keep you standing, and the funny owl on the bottle will keep you laughing. Perfect during hot days as a quencher. Oh, and it’s from Japan. 5.0% ABV

5.    Saranac High Peaks Imperial India Pale Ale—The Matt Brewing Company, NY USA. Let’s be clear about one thing: this is not your daddy’s fizzy yellow beer.  Huge malt presence, an insane amount of hops, and an 8.5% ABV rating make this beer one bad mutha’. The bitterness is aggressive, and combined with the high alcohol it gives this beer a sipping quality. For the daring, this is beer is a knockout with a cheddar cheeseburger because of its bold hoppy flavors and expressive profile. Does not play well with “others” of the more timid variety.

Compiled by Matt Sanders