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Knowing- Rating: B

Submitted by on April 1, 2009 – 8:04 AMNo Comment
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Knowing was not exactly what I thought it was going to be.  In a way though, that ended up being a good thing.

I was expecting an action flick; Nicholas Cage does a lot of them and the commercials sure gave that impression.  Just like last summers The Day the Earth Stood Still, Knowing is far from an action film.  It is more thought provoking than action.

What would you do if you knew when the end of the world was coming?

Nicholas Cage is a MIT professor and widowed father of one, son Caleb.  Neither are doing well with the loss, but the love between them is unmistakable.  While Caleb watched a tape of his mother to get to sleep, his dad drinks like a fish.

Fifty years ago a little girl included a letter full of numbers in a school time capsule.  Fast forward to the present, and we find Nicholas Cage and his son attending the ceremony where the time capsule is being opened.  As luck would have it, his son, Caleb, gets the letter from the little girl filled with numbers.

After catching his son with the letter at home, he stars to play with the numbers.  In time he figures out that the numbers are the time, place, and death count of every major catastrophe in the world over the last fifty years- plus a few more yet to come.

Cage has a hard time believing what he has found.  His dad is a man of faith, a minister, yet he does not believe himself.  Accepting this ‘letter’ for what it appears to be means taking it on faith.

As evidence unfolds, Cage discovers that the prophecy behind the letter is true.  He even tries to stop one from happening, but finds out that the future is what it is and cannot be changed which makes the final prophecy tough to deal with- the end of the world.

Where it falls a little short is in the transition from creepy letter to creepy future telling letter.  Now they present Nicholas Cage as a MIT professor; MIT professors are pretty smart.  Being a smart guy he could be curious enough to try and decipher the numbers; heck he could even do it.

However, the scene where it all goes down just does not work.  I just do not buy even a drunk genius being able to decipher a page full of numbers by only working from a handful of them.

Beyond that, if you like a movie that can make you go hmmmm than Knowing is one to watch.  Even though the action in the movie is minimal, the story moves fast enough that you really do not notice that you have been sitting in a theater for two hours when it is over.

So if your first choice is sold out or you are running late and miss the beginning of your first choice go ahead and see Knowing as your Plan B.  You will not be disappointed.

Beer: Killian’s- not too dark, not too light; just right for a movie that has its moments of action, but at the same time makes you think too.