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Bar Review: Beauty Bar

Submitted by on April 5, 2009 – 10:57 AMNo Comment
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Beauty Bar

231 E. 14th St.
New York, NY, 10003
Tel: 212.539.1389

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 5:00PM – 4:00AM
Saturday/Sunday: 7:00PM – 4:00AM

Best Time to Go: Monday-Friday: 6:00PM – 11:00PM, Saturday/Sunday: 7:00PM – 11:00PM for their ten dollar “Manicure & Martini” special. Also, don’t miss “Robot Rock” Saturdays with DJ Alex English.

beautybarImagine the scenario, ladies: Your evening of brew- sampling and harmless debauchery with some close friends is about to begin, but you realize your nails have not been manicured since last week. Pressed for time, you start downing martinis while you quickly perform the routine nail job.

All is well in the world of alcohol and nails, right? Wrong. When not looking, you accidentally chug the bottle of nail polish, instead, and well, you know the rest.
To prevent this vanity nightmare from ever ruining your night out, drop the supplies and head over to the East Village’s Beauty Bar, where the ten dollar “Manicure & Martini” specials are as popular now as Bill Haley & His Comets were, way back when your parents and my parents met for milkshakes. Their beer list includes Pabst Blue Ribbon, Blue Moon, Stella Artois, and Brooklyn Pilsner.

A downtown staple for over a decade (other locations include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, and Austin, Texas), this vintage beauty salon-turned-hipster social heaven (crowd averages mid-to-late twenties) offers stiff drinks in the presence of hair dryers that once groomed even stiffer hairdos.

Pros: Retro-styled alcohol consumption. It’s hard to find unique in New York, but Beauty Bar does its job and does it well.

Cons: Early crowds. This can serve as a problem, considering the amount of space taken up for the nail stations and hair dryers.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5