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Sixpoint Brewery Celebrates President Obama

Submitted by on February 2, 2009 – 5:07 PMNo Comment
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obama-beer-tourBrooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery is now brewing Hop Obama to help Americans celebrate the our new president.
Representatives at Sixpoint chose to create the beer to remind them of Obama’s grassroots campaign, in that it “positively blossoms each and every day.”

The ale has 5.2% alcohol by volume, and is only available in New York and Massachusetts.

The beer is made from a Scottish yeast to and has a hint of spiciness. “The Hop Obama is an entirely unique ale that doesn’t adhere to traditional style guidelines,” Sixpoint representatives say.

“Fused from an incredibly diverse background, the flavors are individually unique by gaining their solidarity from their invisibility.”

Written by Michelle A. Pagano